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We specialize in providing professional consulting services in air quality analysis and environmental acoustics. Our staff has a broad range of skills that will be brought to your assistance and a commitment to technical excellence.  We will provide your project with the service and commitment that will move your project forward and keep you coming back.

  Our staff has experience doing noise analyses for commercial and municipal land development projects, industrial projects (water works and power plants) and transportation projects, including highways, airports and rail lines. We can provide your projects with design ideas that will minimize noise impacts. We have experience working with municipal noise ordinances, state regulations and federal guidelines and criteria. Our acoustical services include:
  • Noise source permitting;
  • Compliance determinations;
  • Noise mitigation assessments, including designs and cost-benefit analyses;
  • Construction noise assessments, and
  • Expert witness testimony.

Our staff has air quality analyses experience for land development projects, rail lines, airports and roadway improvement projects. Our air quality impact assessment skills include:
  • Permitting new air emissions;
  • Compliance determinations;
  • Emission reduction strategies;
  • Computer modeling of air emissions using EPA models;
  • Quantifying emission benefits from intersection delay improvements, and
  • Computer modeling parking garage emission concentrations.

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