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Department of Defense
   Strategic Defense Initiative Organization - STARWARS Research Program
Energy Projects
   TECO Energy - Gas Turbine Electric Generators
   NE Energy - Gas Turbine Electric Generators
   US Veterens Administration - Combined Cycle Electric Generators
   Columbia Electric - Gas Turbine Electric Generators
   Fidelity Investments - Gas Turbine Electric Generators
   Narragansett Electric - HVDC Transmission Lines
   Digital Equipment Corporation - Gas Turbine Electric Generator
   NE Hydro-Transmission Company - HVDC Transmission Lines
   Public Service of New Hampshire - HVDC Transmission Lines
   Stewartstown Steam Company - Wood-Fired Electric Generator
   Emerson College - Gas Turbine Electric Generator
   Indeck Energy Services - Combined Cycle Electric Generators
   Direct Federal Credit Union - Emergency Power Generator
Water Works Projects
   MWRA - Water Treatment Facility
   MWRA - Water Storage Facility
   Ocean State Power - Hydro-Electric Pump House
   City of New Bedford - Wastewater Treatment Facility
   City of Lowell - Wastewater Treatment Facility
Industrial Sites
   Sears Island Industrial Port - Shipping Port / Industrial Park
   Quanset Point Industrial Port - Shipping Port / Industrial Park
   Upjohn Pharmaceuticals - Manufacturing Facility
   Transplastics - Material Transfer Facility
   Morrone Sand & Gravel - Material Processing/Transfer Facility
   J.P. Carroll - Automotive Recycling Facility
   Town of Somerset - Refuse Recycling & Composting Facility
   Town of Snadwich - Stump Dump
   Roche Brothers
   Stop & Shop
   Shop & Save
Retail Outlets
   Home Depot
   Wrentham Village Premium Outlets
   Cedar-Sinai Medical Center
   Brigham & Women's Hospital
   Catholic Medical Center
   Continium Care Corporation
Sports Facilities
   Crow Hill Motor Sports Park
   BasketBall City
   Middleton Water Park