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Staff Experience

Commercial Development
   Providence Place - Mall of New England
   Woburn Industriplex
   Ocean Edge Resort & Conference Center
General Service Administration
   Boston General Mail Processing Facility
   New Jersey Metro Mail Processing Facility
   LaSalle Mail Processing Facility
   Fan Pier Federal Courthouse
   Concord Federal Courthouse
   Islip Federal Courthouse
   USA-CoE Wincester County Division
Office Buildings
   Cisco Systems
   Sun Microsystems
   Saltonstall Building
   CANA Parcels 2 and 4
   Mystic Transportation Center
   Cross Point Plaza
   Alewife Place
   150 Federal Street
   101 Federal Street
   25 Huntington Avenue
   Millennium Park Plaza
   Tudor Wharf Hotel
   Morton Plaza
   Oak Place
   South End Plaza
   D-Street Residences
   420 West Broadway
   CANA Parcel 1
   Harbor Towers
   Hollywood Boulevard Condomimiun Project
   Point of Pines