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The State of Maine does not have noise regulations that set community noise exposure criteria.

The Maine Site Location Development Law requires new construction  projects that meet applicable thresholds to undergo a rigorous review process.  The laws are administered by the Maine Department Of Environmental Protection (DEP) under Chapter 375:  No Adverse Environmental Effect Standard Of The Site Location Law.

The Maine DEP Chapter 375 Section 10 Control of Noise
regulations specify noise impact assessment criteria and procedures. 

Chapter 375 Section 10

The State laws allow individual communities to establish noise regulations through community by-laws. 
Many local communities have some form of community noise ordinance.  Inquire at the local town hall, the clerk or manager's office, to see if local noise regulations exist.

 The material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only. Regulations continually evolve and are subject to change.  We do not warranty this information and remind any users of this information to research the current validity and applicability.