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The environmental noise assessment is generally performed using a combination of computer modeling and field measurement.  In the case of transportation systems, the FHWA, FAA, and FTA have promulgated guidelines and methodologies for evaluating  noise impacts from highways, airports, and rail transit, including their own computer models.  Air & Noise Compliance has extensive experience with these models and methodologies.  Although a standardized model has not been developed for the assessment of noise from stationary sources, such as commercial and industrial facilities, Air & Noise Compliance has developed its own set of noise assessment computer models using widely-accepted acoustical algorithms.

Ambient noise measurements are almost always part of a comprehensive noise impact assessment.  Air & Noise Compliance has the expertise, experience, and instrumentation necessary to perform a successful field measurement program.

Should mitigation measures be required to reduce the noise impacts from a new facility or transportation system, Air & Noise Compliance can develop a noise mitigation plan.  Air & Noise Compliance has extensive experience in mitigating noise impacts, including plans to reduce source emissions and the design of noise barriers.  Reducing source emissions always has the greatest benifit and can be accomplished through modifying equipment and operating procedures.

Air & Noise Compliance has the expertise and experience to assist business owners, community leaders, and others in promoting economic growth and maintaining a quiet community.