Frank Kuhn
President / Chief Scientist


Frank has over 35 years of consulting experience in air and noise assessments.
Air & Noise Compliance - President
At ANC, Frank is the principal engineering consultant in air quality, acoustics and vibration. He is responsible for project management, business development, technical assessments and employee supervision/development. He has authored reports and is the principle presenter at public forums and in court as an expert witness. He develops schedules, job costing, scope-of-work documents and proposals. He has completed engineering analyses through field measurements, scale modeling and computer modeling. He has developed and implemented computer modeling and field measurement quality assurance/control procedures. He created the first working draft of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) draft standard for community noise impact assessment.
KM Chng Envirinmental - Senior Engineer
At KM Chng, Frank was a technical expert in acoustics and pollution dispersion managing projects, doing technical assessments, computer modeling, writing proposals and creating project documentation. He worked on analyses for large state-wide and regional transportation systems. He evaluated the air quality benefits of the Houston Metro hybrid bus program. He supervised field measurement programs for two new rail transit systems and two existing wind farms. He was responsible for rail noise and vibration field measurements on the MBTA Green Line, Orange Line and commuter rail projects.
Vanasse Hangen Brustlin - Senior Engineer
At VHB, Frank was a technical expert in acoustics and pollution dispersion doing project management, technical assessments, computer modeling, proposal writing and creating project documentation. He worked on analyses for large state-wide and regional transportation systems for future planning and inclusion in state and federal funding and environmental compliance. He developed innovative custom applications to do assessments of the company’s work to document the clients’ efforts in transportation management and congestion mitigation. He was in charge of field measurement programs and was responsible for the noise impact assessment of highways, rail studies, and land-development permitting. He did the noise impact assessment of the proposed MBTA Fall River / New Bedford commuter rail line.
Louis Berger & Associates - Senior Scientist
At LBA, Frank was a technical expert in acoustics and pollution dispersion. His responsibilities included managing projects, doing technical assessments (including field work), computer modeling, writing proposals and project documentation. He provided technical assistance with computer modeling dispersion analyses for large transportation systems; including data analyses and quality control. He evaluated transportation systems for inclusion in federal funding and Clean Air Act compliance. He was responsible for the noise impact assessments of federally funded land development projects. He worked for the DoD SDIO assessing various environmental effects of the STARWARS initiative launch vehicle systems. He researched and wrote four white papers on global environmental issues and held a DoD Secret security clearance. He was the technical expert in aviation noise for the Bangkok International Airport; doing computer modeling and presentations for the Thai government. He managed the Quincy Rail Noise Study project and delivered an assessment that resulted in noise mitigation being erected in their community.
Bolt, Beranek and Newman - Associate Consultant
At BBN, Frank was a technical expert in ground level aerodynamics and fluid modeling in both physical experimentation and computer modeling. He was a lead physical scientist in wind engineering and scale modeling. He fabricated physical modeling systems for the firm, conducted the experimental modeling for data acquisition, performed data analyses, derived conclusions and created documentation. He also created computer modeling systems to evaluate dispersion effects within large structures using math he developed and programed into code. He successfully delivered acoustical modeling assessments of the activity on one of the largest military facilities in the world; Fort Hood, TX and was BBN’s expert in computer modeling aircraft noise and pollution dispersion.  He created computer and physical scale models for the pollution dispersion analyses of Boston’s South Station Transportation Center.  He managed the Back Bay Copley Commuter Rail Station air quality testing and dispersion analysis from train emissions involving two weeks of testing within the semi-enclosed station for fault analysis of the station’s ventilation system. His efforts directly resulted in identifying the root cause of the station’s air quality problem.   
Boston University - College of Engineering - Wind Tunnel Laboratory Supervisor
While a Teaching Fellow at BU, Frank worked on five commercial wind-tunnel studies using the Boston University Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel to assess the aerodynamic effects of proposed large building facilities on local environs. Frank instrumented the wind tunnel and calibrated it for commercial use. He did the wind tunnel pressure testing on three high-rise buildings built in Boston (including 101 and 151 Federal Street); a canyon effects pollution dispersion study for FHWA, and a multi-source dispersion study for the Upjohn Rogaine facility in Kalamazoo, MI.
Boston University - College of Engineering - Teaching Fellow
As the Aerospace/Mechanical Department's first Teaching Fellow, Frank was the laboratory instructor of the “Instrumentation & Theory of Experimentation” course. He taught students experimentation skills in an engineering laboratory. He fabricated four of the eight laboratory experiments used in the course and also wrote the corresponding student use documentation. He managed the aero-mechanical engineering laboratory and supervised the student laboratory assignments.
EDUCATION:  Boston University  –  College of Engineering
B.S. in Aerospace Engineering  -  M.S. in Mechanical Engineering